About Us

Emilio Jewelry specializes in the rarest precious stones and fancy colored diamonds available in the world.

Our collection also contains emeralds, sapphires, and rubies.

Emilio Jewelry also specializes in natural fancy pink, blue, green, and yellow diamonds.

Part of Emilio Jewelry's investment wing is the "Screened Vault Area" featuring rare museum grade investment collectible pieces such as:

  1. Natural vivid blue, pink, and green diamonds, as well as vivid yellow diamonds of large sizes
  2. No oil untreated Colombian emeralds, Kashmir sapphires, untreated Burmese rubies, untreated important sapphires, Alexandrite and other important pieces
  3. Diamonds over 8 carats in size

Some of these pieces remain unlisted, and we encourage our clients to inquire should they have an interest.

All pieces are created are created in the Emilio Jewelry Atelier, hand made.

We can create your dream design exactly to your specifications.

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