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Certified Antique Victorian No Oil 393.00 Carat Russian Emerald Necklace

Certified Antique Victorian No Oil 393.00 Carat Russian Emerald Necklace

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From the Museum Vault at Emilio Jewelry, located on New York's iconic Fifth Avenue.
Year: 1850-1860s
Matching: about 241 white diamonds, a total of about 12.60 carats
Approximate emerald weight: 381.00ct
Certificate: GRS
This Russian Natural Untreated Emerald and Diamond Set Chain is antique Victorian jewelry. The Victorian jewelry style lasted for 64 years from Queen Victoria's accession to the throne in 1837 to her death in 1901. The Russian Ural emerald was discovered by a farmer in 1831, and the mining area is located near Sverdlovsk (sverdlovsk). For a century, tens of thousands of carats of high-quality emeralds have been produced. Russian Ural emeralds are light to dark green in color with a slightly yellower tinge than Colombian emeralds. This piece of jewelry is between early Victorian Romanticism (1837 - 1860) and mid Victorian luxury (1860 - 1885). Its workmanship is so delicate that it is hard to imagine such exquisite craftsmanship more than 100 years ago.

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