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Emilio Jewelry 1.00 Carat Fancy Purplish Pink Diamond Ring

Emilio Jewelry 1.00 Carat Fancy Purplish Pink Diamond Ring

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From the Emilio Jewelry Museum Vault, Showcasing a stunning 1.00 carat Gia Certified natural fancy purplish pink diamond center. What makes this diamond even more special is the purplish tone adds a special "Sweetness" to the pink color. Natural color diamonds of any pink hue are very rare, and therefore very valuable. For that reason, pink diamonds are often found in museums, and in the hands of passionate collectors.
Please inquire for more images, the certificate, diamond weights, or appraisals. Custom re-design available. Video available upon request.
This piece was Hand made in the Emilio Jewelry Atelier, whom specializes in rare collectible pieces in natural Fancy colored diamonds, and the rarest most precious gems available in the world.
Emilio Jewelry chooses only the rarest of gems in the world.
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All jewelry is handmade in the Emilio Jewelry Atelier. We source the rarest of gems in the world.

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