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Emilio Jewelry Certified 10.00 Carat Mozambique No Heat Ruby

Emilio Jewelry Certified 10.00 Carat Mozambique No Heat Ruby

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From Emilio Jewelry, a well known and respected wholesaler/dealer located on New York’s iconic Fifth Avenue,

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The Emilio Jewelry design team can customize any of our pieces to your exact wishes. Emilio Jewelry is proud to be rated a 5 star dealer.
Ultra rare high quality ruby of this magnitude is a gift. 10.00 carat + Vivid Red pigeons blood Certified by Grs, & Ssef labs as No Heat.
With the depletion of mines in Myanmar, the importance of African rubies in the jewelry market is beyond doubt. The only thing in the world that is comparable to Burmese rubies is the rubies of Mozambique. Following the mining of Gemfields, a well-known mining company, Australia’s Mustang Resources has also begun to actively invest in the rubies of Mozambique, so Mozambique The value of rubies has great investment potential, and has even silently surpassed the Burmese rubies so far, and its strength cannot be ignored.
We cannot predict how long the Mozambique mines will continue to be mined, but one thing is for sure, these gems will continue to occupy an important position on the gem map for hundreds of years to come. The founder of GRS said, "Someday in the future, Mozambique rubies will eventually be mined out, as happens with every deposit. At that point, Mozambique rubies will become treasured collector's gems, mostly appearing in couture jewelry and resurfacing in auction houses." Like Every mine is the same. One day in the future, Mozambique ruby mines will eventually stop producing and then will become far more valuable, therefore a great investment stone.

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