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Emilio Jewelry Certified 5.00 Carat Kashmir Sapphire Ring

Emilio Jewelry Certified 5.00 Carat Kashmir Sapphire Ring

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From the Museum Vault at Emilio Jewelry located on New York's iconic Fifth Avenue,
A chance to own the Mona Lisa of Sapphires, a Kashmir.
Center Stone: AGL and SSEF certified Kashmir royal blue unheated sapphire just over 5 carats
Matching setting: 2 natural fancy white diamonds, 18K

In the past few years, several international auction companies have witnessed the Kashmir sapphire breaking the world auction record many times. The allure of the Kashmir sapphire is not difficult to explain at all, and its unrivaled and soothing color is what makes it most charming. Compared with sapphires from other origins, the color of Kashmir sapphire is soft, deep and rich, and it looks radiant in any light, and does not appear dull purple-blue or gray-blue. The rarity of the Kashmir sapphire is another factor contributing to its rising value. Discovered by accident in 1881 following an earthquake and landslide, the Kashmir mine can only be mined at a rate of about three months a year due to its high altitude and extreme climate. In just seven years, the mines have been exhausted. Although there was sporadic mining activity at nearby new mines in the following decades, most of the larger Kashmir sapphires currently on the market were produced by what was then a short-lived “old mine,” with limited quantities.
The mines of Kashmir are now history, and the sapphire that was once produced in Kashmir accounted for a tiny fraction of the world's sapphire production. And this 5.10ct + carat sapphire, which is pure natural and has not been heated or processed in any way, has a charming velvet blue color and is of extraordinary quality. It is undoubtedly the best of the world. The oval cut also looks elegant in sapphire, because only a good rough can perfectly interpret Kashmir's unique velvet blue. Such a rare Kashmir sapphire is definitely an important lot that many collectors are waiting for.
Please inquire for certificates and details.
This is a collectors piece, however we have many affordable ceylon sapphires please inquire!

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