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Emilio Jewelry Gia Certified .75 Carat Vivid Green Blue Diamond

Emilio Jewelry Gia Certified .75 Carat Vivid Green Blue Diamond

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From well known dealer wholesaler Emilio Jewelry Located on New York's iconic Fifth Avenue,
Main stone: 0.75 carat Fancy Vivid Green-Blue
We can custom make your dream ring for this spectacular investment diamond.
The causes of green and blue-green diamond colors are often related to natural nuclear radiation. When the energy of the rays is high enough, the diamond crystal structure will be damaged and defects will occur, which will cause a series of new rays to be absorbed, resulting in diamonds showing different hues. green. The body color of green diamonds is usually only concentrated on the surface layer that is exposed to radiation, which is very easy to be removed during cutting, and often has secondary colors such as yellow, gray or blue in different proportions. This natural Fancy Vivid Green-Blue diamond with its color and depth, is definitely an excellent investment choice.

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