Emilio Jewelry GIA Certified Natural 2.00 Carat Deep Blue Diamond

Emilio Jewelry GIA Certified Natural 2.00 Carat Deep Blue Diamond

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From Emilio Jewelry New York,
Main Stone: Gia Certified natural 2.00 carat + Fancy Deep Blue
Clarity: Vs
Matching setting: 12 pink diamonds with a total of about 1.10 carats"
The scarcity of colored diamonds determines the value. The output of blue diamonds and pink diamonds is one hundred thousandth of that of white diamonds. Such scarcity is the main reason for the soaring price of colored diamonds. According to Sotheby's statistics, since the Petra Diamond Company of the United States acquired the deposit in 2008, Cullinan has mined more than 18 million tons of rough stones. Among the 5 million carats of diamonds produced in the rough stones, There are only 5 international-grade blue diamonds, accounting for less than 0.01% of the annual output of the deposit. This extremely low output has caused the price of blue diamonds to rise all the way. Blue diamonds are extremely rare in nature, especially the deep chroma is rare and precious, because it contains boron, so it is easy to form gray-blue diamonds during the diamond generation process. Custom mounting with 12 pink diamonds. The simple and elegant design shows elegance.
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