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Emilio Jewelry Grs Certified 8.00 Carat Vivid Red No Heat Ruby Ring

Emilio Jewelry Grs Certified 8.00 Carat Vivid Red No Heat Ruby Ring

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From the Museum vault at Emilio Jewelry, Located On New York’s Iconic Fifth Avenue:
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Emilio is an expert in natural fancy colored diamonds, precious gems, and specializes in only the most valuable, rare one of kind pieces.
Center Stone: 8.00ct + Vivid to Deep Red OVAL
Matching: White diamonds total about 0.62 carats, PT900
Mozambique, located in East Africa, is not only famous for the great migration of animals, but also a treasure trove rich in all kinds of bright gems. Among them, the rubies produced in this area have the favorable conditions for cutting the perfect proportion of rubies: high color saturation, The crystals are transparent and bright, sparkling and crystal clear, usually free of impurities visible to the naked eye, and relatively large rough stones. Therefore, when it was launched, it was estimated by experts that it has the potential to surpass the value of rubies produced in Myanmar so far, and its strength cannot be ignored. In addition, Mozambique ruby ​​also contains the silky inclusions of Burmese ruby. The crystal color is rich and not dull. Therefore, it is certified by various laboratories as the only one that can produce the highest color pigeon blood red except Burma. ruby origin. The extraordinary charm of Mozambique pigeon blood rubies has attracted collectors. Nowadays, rubies on the market generally have high temperature heat treatment, and only a few are natural without heat treatment. The thorough clarity is extremely rare. This lot is 8.02 carats The pure Mozambique natural no-burn ruby ​​diamond ring, so pure and intense, is a coveted gem.

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